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Unleash Your Creativity, Change the World!


Art Meets Action at COP28

Join the Four Comics Contest International as we take the stage at COP28! Be part of a global movement where your art has the power to inspire change. Show the world your vision for a sustainable future through the universal language of comics. Together, let's draw a brighter tomorrow.

Why Join Four Comics Contest

Amplify Your Voice on Climate Change

This contest provides a platform to express your concerns, hopes, and solutions regarding climate change through the creative lens of four-panel comics. It's a chance to use art to make a statement about one of the most pressing issues facing our planet, ensuring your voice is heard by a global audience.

Showcase Your Artistic Talent

Whether you're an aspiring artist or a seasoned creator, the Four Comics Contest International offers a unique opportunity to showcase your creativity and storytelling skills. Your work will be seen by an international community, including potential mentors, peers, and industry professionals who can open doors to future opportunities.

Engage with a Global Community

Participating in the contest connects you with a vibrant community of young artists and environmental enthusiasts from around the world. This network can provide support, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities, helping you to grow both personally and professionally.

Win Prizes and Gain Recognition

The contest offers not only the chance to win attractive prizes but also to gain recognition for your work. Winners and selected entries will be featured on the contest's website, social media, and possibly in exhibitions, giving your art and message a broader platform.

Educate and Inspire Action

Your comic has the power to educate viewers about climate change and inspire them to take action. By participating, you contribute to a larger conversation, helping to spread awareness and motivate others to join the fight for a sustainable future. It's an opportunity to make a difference through your creativity and passion.

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